The M1 Garand rifle is a semi-automatic rifle developed by the United States in the 1920s.

The M1 Garand rifle is named after its designer John Cantors Garand. It is a standard rifle equipped by the US military during World War II and is also the most famous product of John Garand. On January 9, 1936, the US military began to equip M1 Garand. After World War II and the Korean War, by 1957, nearly 10 million M1 Garand had been produced in the world.

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Actual combat in the Second World War and the Korean War showed that the M1 rifle was one of the best combat rifles at the time. The development process of the M1 rifle is very long. The original design began in 1921. After completing the preliminary design, it took more than ten years to change the design of various details to cater to the changing design of the US Army. It was required that the design was finalized and mass production started in 1936 after a long period of repeated revisions, but major revisions were made after it was put into production, and it was not until 1940 that it officially became the modern M1 Garand rifle.