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The Thompson submachine gun is one of the famous submachine guns produced in the United States during World War II.

The Thompson submachine gun is also known as the "Chicago Typewriter" because it sounds like a typewriter, and there is also the Chicago Violin .

The Thompson submachine gun was designed by the United States O.V. Perth and T.H. Okkhoff. It was designed at the end of the 1910s and was designed by Brigadier General John T. Thompson, Director of the Small Arms Unit of the U.S. Army Department of Ordnance. His own firearms company Auto- Ordnance Corporation came to take over the production work. After the M1919 was successfully developed, the earliest production model was the M1921, and the M1923 and M1928 series of submachine guns appeared one after another. Among them, the M1928A1 was successfully developed in 1930 and was equipped with a small amount of the US military. It was also used by the Allied forces during World War II. During World War II, the production of Thompson submachine guns reached more than 1.4 million, and production was officially stopped in 1945.