M249 The official name of the US military is "Squad Automatic Weapon, 5.56mm, M249". M249 is an improved version of the FN Minimi light machine gun manufactured by Belgian Fabrique Nationale. It fires 5.56×45mm NATO standard ammunition. In 1984, it officially became the machine gun of the US military's three-service standard squad. It is also the most durable continuous firepower in the infantry squad. arms,

M249 adopts the principle of pneumatic and air cooling. The barrel can be quickly replaced so that the machine gunner does not need to waste time repairing when the barrel fails or overheats. The front under the handguard is equipped with a folding bipod to facilitate the deployment of fixed ignition support. It can also be fixed Tripod and vehicle shooting frame. M249 corresponds to the ammunition chain and STANAG magazine for ammunition. In emergency situations such as lack of ammunition, the machine gunner can borrow the magazine from other soldiers equipped with M16 or M4 to shoot.